Eco Roofing

One of the UK's fastest growing choice of roofing

Eco Roofs are not a new concept, they have been around many years.  It has only been over the last ten years that the industry has realised their true benefits and potential which means many of us are now investing in Eco Roofing.  They offer many benefits, not only to your environment but the wider environment too, making them a fast growing sector in the industry, in fact, last year the market increased by 17%

An Eco Roof is built up in layers starting from your original roof deck.  Several layers are needed to ensure drainage and growth is maintained long term.  The process of applying the layers is relativley simple making it an ideal option for flat roofs or roofs which have a low angle of slope.  An Eco Roof does have a long life span, it could last up to 50 years depending on the environment around it.

Eco Roofs can be installed on any building which has the right pitch such as Garages, outbuildings, conservatories and extensions.  They have many advantages to your surroundings, the main three being:  up to a 90% reduction in rain water run-off, excellent insulation abilities during winter and summer and because of their ecological status they have a very high resistence to frost and heat damage.

Due to their excellent insulation qulaities you can lower your carbon footprint.  They can also reduce noise pollution as the material is naturally absorbing so acts like a buffer.  Your Eco Roof will also contribute to the wider environment.  Less water in the drainage system which contributes to flooding and damaging aquatic life.  They also contribute to better air quality due to their natural filter for pollutants.

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