About GRP Fibreglass Roofing

The ultimate long term solution for leak free flat roofs

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic, also known as Fibreglass and Composite Plastic.  It is a very widely used material on roofs as well as being a favoured material used in the building of cars, boats, baths and aeroplanes due to its strength, durability and versatility of being handled.

GRP material is the best solution in modern times where flat roofs are required.  It is completely waterproof and can withstand the forces of nature to give it an extremely long life span.  It requires very little maintenance, if any, and can be cold applied, meaning that no blow torches or flames are used in its application.

It is very cost effective solution which will pay you back over time as you will not need to replace or renew it as opposed to other commonly used alternatives such as felts and bitumen’s.

All our GRP roofs come with a 20 year guarantee, although expected life spans are much longer, in excess of 40 years given they are totally waterproof so not susceptible to water or frost damage.  This will give you complete peace of mind

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